The code of honest online casinos

In this article I will talk about some important aspects, namely how the casino creates its policy, and also makes decisions about wagering wagers or players’ accounts. You will understand that every casino approaches these issues in different ways – either friendly and honest, or shamelessly and dishonestly. When I am working on creating an online casino review, the main part of my job is to review complaints and feedback from other players. During the writing of the reviews, soon realized that I needed some kind of structure that would help determine whether the casino had acted correctly in a given situation or not. Most of the complaints are related to the restrictions that the casino establishes in order to prevent bonuses from driving casinos in the nose in the long run.

Duplicate user account
Almost in all casinos the player can create only one account. I believe that the main reason is to exclude the possibility of receiving welcome bonuses several times. Another reason is the requirements of the licensing authority of the institution. This rule is fairly well known and is usually clearly explained in the conditions and rules of any casino. Of course, a player can inadvertently create a duplicate account. There are many casinos with similar names, and remembering if you have an account in this casino or not, it’s quite difficult. But everything is in the hands of the player, and perhaps you will be able to convince the casino that you created another account by mistake. Honest casinos consider each case individually and can make a decision in favor of the player if he really inadvertently violated the conditions of the institution.
On the other hand, a casino can easily forge an original player account, and to prove something in this case is useless, since even players themselves are sometimes not sure whether someone created an account in their name or not. This policy gives unfair casinos an excellent opportunity to easily deny players the payment of large wins. I think that this is how many casinos act.
When it comes to problems with duplicating an account, I try to consider each case separately, and reduce the rating of the casino, if it does not try to solve this problem with the player, does not provide any evidence or this case occurs in casino history not the first time.
When it comes to real money, cancellation of winnings is a very important topic. Do you think that a good casino will not react in any way if it finds out that the player has one more account?
In fact, most good and reliable casinos do not face such problems, and therefore do not confiscate the players’ funds in case a duplicate account is found. Why? Because the basic concept of such casinos is friendliness in relation to clients.
So, what should a reliable and friendly casino do to prevent complaints about duplicating an account?
If there is any doubt that the player has yet another account, it is better to suspend the game until the problem is resolved. In any casino there is a database of players, as well as a function for checking for duplicate accounts. In the case of complaints, I would suggest that casinos remember that in their circumstances there is a clause about duplicating an account.

No winnings with bonuses => No abuse in using bonuses => No reason to confiscate money
If the casino has an item on cancellation of rates and the return of all deposits, it means that deposits are returned even to those players who lost. The cancellation of winnings obtained with the help of bonuses can also be fair.

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