Instant lottery (scratch cards) online

Each of us saw instant lotteries, which are sold from street vendors, kiosks or post offices. Most likely, many of us could not resist the temptation. You can erase the playing field of an instant lottery with the help of a coin or nails. You will immediately know whether you won or not. In the case of a win, even a small amount, you can immediately get the money on hand.

Now, I think you understand why there were virtual scratch cards there is in the online casino. The one and main difference between live and internet scratch cards that online are issued in a sealed form, so theoretically, the whole country can check whether the main prize is won or not. On the other hand, the victories in the online lottery are given by the randomization.
In a casino, scratch cards are not as popular as roulette, blackjack or slot machines, despite this they can find their fans. The game itself is very simple. You choose a bet, buy a new card, and then you erase the game fields with a simple click on your laptop.
If you found a certain number of identical symbols, then you won. Often to win you need to find 3 identical symbols, sometimes four or five. It all depends on the conditions of the game.
The biggest advantage of instant lotteries is their simplicity. You do not need to know the rules, learn complex instructions or strategies. The principle of scratch cards is similar to the principle of gaming machines. Except that there are no bonuses, special symbols or payment lines. There is only the sound effect of what you can scratch the scratch card. Therefore, instant lotteries are more suitable for conservative players or as a kind of relaxation, as it is calmer compared to other dynamic types of casino games.

First, you must select a specific instant lottery. How to do it?
You can choose depending on the design, if you like playing a scratch card with a good visual design. Or you can choose according to the individual winning offers. In some cases, the minimum payout is equal to the amount of your bet, while in other places the win amount can be a double or triple bet amount. Also, you can choose an instant lottery based on (CRI – return to the player), which varies in the range of 95-96%. In any case, the difference is not large, the conditions of the game remain unchanged. More information about the ICI you can find in another article of our website. But you will never find a game with a refund to the player more than 100%. The only question is which symbols and how successfully you erase them, so if you consider the game as a long one, then you will always be the loser. Therefore, it is inappropriate to talk about any winning strategies, you can only talk about 2 concepts:

If you want to play for a long time, then choose Scratch Card with the most wins and with the minimum bet. Such a game will have a low variance. Information on the variance can be found in another article.
If your goal: to risk more and win more money, then choose the game with the highest winnings specified in the table. In this case, it is better to put a few big bets, rather than a few small ones.
On sites, online casinos, publish the latest winnings of players, as well as a list of games in which they won. They want to show that some scratch cards are winning, and that they pay the winnings. Absolutely pointless to follow this list, since the lottery is generated randomly and the win depends only on how you erased the field. Choose a scratch card with a nice design and be calm when you erase the playing field. Maybe you will be lucky, or maybe not. Do not expect anything more from the game. This is the simplest and relaxing game in the casino.

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